Book a delivery with us, send us a list of what you need or let us know what you want delivered, and we'll deliver!


Since it can take us a long time to get into a store we ask for your patience during this time. If we are not able to shop for you that day, we promise to reach out to you as quickly as possible to schedule a time.

-Due to federal regulations, EBT (SNAP) is not an acceptable payment method
- Returns are not available
-Many items are out of stocks but I will do my best to substitute your items
-We deliver almost anywhere in NM. We do charge extra outside of Albuquerque, so please contact us if you are outside of the Albuquerque area.

Restaurants & Stores:
Restaurants and stores that are tired of the high delivery fees from other platforms can contact us to see how we can save them a ton of money!

Where do we deliver?

We don’t mind delivering to most of NM for an extra charge for those outside of Albuquerque.


How Much Does it Cost?

We don’t charge a subscription fee, monthly fee or a yearly fee. We charge only a store/delivery fee, for your items at the store(you’ll receive a store receipt), and a tip.

I'm in! How do I get started? 

1) Schedule an Appointment that works for you. When you are ready, tap on the "Book now" black button above.

2) During the check out process of setting up your appointment, type in your list of items you want us to shop for in the "Appointment Notes" If you have a big list or would rather send us your list another way, you can email or text us your list too. We accept PDF Files, Screenshots, Excel/Word files and almost any possible way you want to send us your list. We also recommend creating a list on Anylist (Search for it in the Play Store or App Store) and send us your list that way.

3) Once we have your list and know what store(s) you want us to go to, we will head out to the store and start shopping. Also, remember if you forget something on your list, text us or email us. We are happy to add anything else to your list. 

4) We will let you know when we are checking out. Right before we checkout, we will charge your card that we will have on file for the total we get at the store checkout, the shopping/delivery fee, and tip. If you live outside of Albuquerque, the charge will be included at this point as well.

What makes you different from the big companies?

You are not only getting a dedicated shopper, but you are also getting someone who is going to be transparent with you from the beginning to the end. Other big companies mark up the products you buy up to 30%, keep store discounts from you, charge fees, and even keep the receipt from you! We have no markups, we give you any store discounts that are given at the store, and even send you a picture of the receipt!